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Ancient Chinese Bronze - Bronze Galloping Horse

The Eastern Han bronze galloping horse, also known as the Ma Chaolongque, the horse stepping on the flying swallow, and the bronze galloping horse, is an Eastern Han bronze ware. The Eastern Han bronze galloping horse was identified as a Chinese tourism symbol by the National Tourism Administration in October 1983, and was designated as a national treasure-level cultural relic in 1986.

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Chinese bronze utensils

The hands are soft and earthy, and the rust is naturally thousands of years old. The shape and decoration of the vessel are in line with the ancient meaning, and the inscriptions are priceless.

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How to Identify Antique Bronzes?

Generally speaking, if the rust color can be bonded together with the bronze ware, the depth is the same, and the appearance is smooth and natural, it is a naturally formed rust color, otherwise it is likely to be forged.

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What was the original color of ancient bronze ware? Green, yellow, red, black...

Ancient bronze ware plays a very important role in the formation and development of ancient Chinese civilization and is an important carrier of Chinese civilization. Chinese bronze civilization has a long history, with exquisite smelting technology, excellent production and beautiful shape. It reached its peak in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, forming a unique Style of China and enjoying a high reputation and artistic value among bronzes in the world.

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The largest bronze ware of the Western Zhou Dynasty is big yu Ding

China has a long history. In order to study the history of thousands of years, a branch is derived from history -- archaeology. Archaeology has not only appeared in modern times, but has existed since ancient times with a different name, which is called "lithography" in ancient times.

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