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Product Description

The head of a bronze man is a cultural relic unearthed in Sanxingdui, dating from the mid-Shang Dynasty. The heads of these people are ordinary people, as well as people wearing gold masks.

The bronze statues in Sanxingdui are the largest and most valuable for research. The bronze statues in Sanxingdui are a group of authorities and idols worshipped by people. They not only symbolize gods, gods, and ancestors, but also represent secular or spiritual leaders such as kings and wizards. 1. The social form and group relationship of the unity of politics and religion. Their unearthed fills the gaps in the bronze figure sculptures of the Shang Dynasty in China and the idol worship in early China.

    Product Name: Dome Avatar

    Category: People

    Material: Copper

    Hanging form: ornament

    Ornament pattern: figures and gods

    Production method: semi-manual and semi-mechanical

    Printing logo: yes

    Dimensions: Height 160mm

    Net weight: 0.4kg

    Height: 16cm

    Width: 10cm

    Whether to customize: yes

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