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Ding was used as a cooking tool at first, then used as incense burner. Incense burner is an essential tool for "incense and Taoism", and it is also an indispensable offering tool in Chinese folklore, religion, and sacrificial activities. The incense utensils used in past dynasties include Boshan stoves, hand stoves, incense buckets, lying stoves, incense tubes and other incense burners of different shapes, as well as incense balls, incense sticks, incense plates, incense boxes, incense clips, incense shovels, incense spoons, incense tubes and Sachets and other supporting utensils are mainly made of copper, ceramics, gold and silver, bamboo and wood, enamel and jade. There are also many uses for it, or lavender, or display, or worshiping gods and offering Buddhas. The shape of the incense burner is usually square or round. The square incense burner generally has four legs; the round incense burner has three legs, one in front and two in the back.

    Category: Incense Burner

    Material: Copper

    Hanging form: ornament

    Ornament pattern: fish, insects, birds and beasts

    Printing logo: yes

    made in China

    Dimensions: Height 190mm

    Net weight: 3.5kg

    Height: 19cm

    Width: 21cm

    Diameter: 13cm

    Whether to customize: yes

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