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Bronze decor items or vessels were large-scale produced during the Shang Dynasty. They were mainly used for various ceremonial purposes which required high quality and decent details on the bronze-ware. Sculpmart provides different type of green bronze ware that has interesting ancient artistic designs as well as charming motifs. They are good decoration items for the modern home, office, store, or any other indoor places.

Chinese Bronze Double Rhino Zun Pot

26 cm High Antique Chinese Cast Bronze Double Rhinoceros Zun Pot Wine Vessel.

Jin Hou Niao Zun Bronze Bird Sculpture Ancient Chinese Style

Western Zhou Dynasty Bronze Vessels Jinhou Feng-Niao Zun Ritual Wine Vessel for home decoration, handmade bronze crafts.

Zilong Ding Vessel Bronze Vessel in Shang Dynasty Style

The vessel, with the inscription "Zilong", is the largest of its kind from the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 B.C.) ever discovered.

Chinese Bronze Zeng Houyi Bianzhong Bells

Chinese Bronze Zeng Houyi Bianzhong Bell is an ancient Chinese musical instrument consisting of a set of bronze bells, played melodically.

Chinese Ancient Glass Boshan Mountain Phoenix Incense Burner Han Dynasty

Boshan xianglu, with the Roman word po-shan hsiang-lu, also known as Boshan mountain censer, a common Chinese bronze censer during the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD).

Bronze Phoenix Incense Burner - Chinese FengXun Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Phoenix Incense Burner, Feng Xun is elegant and extraordinary, and the whole body shows the image of a phoenix bird with its head held high, its wings are spread up, and its long tail is hanging down.


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