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A silver teapot is a small teapot designated for making tea, coffee, hot milk, made entirely out of 99.9% silver (pure silver or 999 silver). It is not coated but made from entirely out of silver, inside and out. Silver teapots are mostly crafted with engraved pictures and marvelous design. Browse sculpmart website and find the perfect silver teapot for you home and office.

Chinese Style Picture Engraved Silver Pot Household Silver Kettle

The Chinese style engraved silver pot is unique and designed with engraved picture.

Hand-made 999 Silver Tea Pot Household Kettle

Quality Silver kettle sterling silver 999 handmade one hammered pattern kettle home gift tea ceremony teapot tea set boiling kettle.

613 g Hand Made Silver Pot with Carving of Ginkgo Leaves

Hand made silver teapot for home use, tea kettle, home kettle for boiling water and tea.

430g 999 Silver 0.6 L Handmade Phoenix Silver Teapot Silver Kettle

The handmade silver teapot is totally handmade with pure 999 silver.


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