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Product Description

Chinese Bronze Yu Zun has a bell mouth in the late Shang Dynasty, with high circle feet, like a goblet. The neck is decorated with banana leaf patterns, the lower part is decorated with dragon patterns, the abdomen and circle feet are decorated with animal face patterns, and there are extremely delicate thunder patterns lining the ground. The body of the vessel is decorated with four ridges from the mouth to the feet, and the upper and lower ends of the ridges protrude outwards. There are three inscriptions on the foot of the circle. The decoration of this statue is particularly gorgeous and exquisite, and it is a rare work of art.

As a religious sacrificial utensil, in addition to being used to hold offerings for ghosts and gods to enjoy, the sacrificial utensils also contain rich and profound religious meanings.

Many bronze wares are animal shapes, and there are also many figurative or deformed abstract animal decorations, as well as some cloud and thunder patterns. After careful analysis of the religious life and people's religious consciousness in the pre-Qin period, it can be determined that these shapes and decorations are definitely not those of bronze at that time. The pure artistic creation of artists is by no means art for art's sake, but for religious purposes.

    Category: Utensils

    Material: Copper

    Hanging form: ornament

    Ornament pattern: fish, insects, birds and beasts

    Printing logo: yes


    Height: 35cm

    Width: 32.5cm

    Diameter: 26cm

    Net weight: 6.4kg

    Whether to customize: yes

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