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Product Description

A bronze faucet presumably one of the six missing from the "Zodiac" fountain in Beijing's Yuanmingyuan, sold for $3.4 million on Dec. 17 at Tessier & Sarrou et Associés auction house. The dragon head, one of 12 bronze animal head sculptures representing the Chinese zodiac, was introduced in the auction data as 40cm in height and 45cm in length, but without confirmation of its relation to Yuanmingyuan Park, or the Old Summer Palace.

The brronze dragon head is 27cm high, 29 cm long, and 23 cm wide. This is much smaller than the orginal one. It's perfect to be placed at home, or garden as a decoration.

    Yuanmingyuan zodiac animal head dragon

    Product Name: Chinese Zodiac

    Category: Animals

    Material: Copper

    Hanging form: ornament

    Production method: pure handmade

    Printing logo: yes

    Dimensions: Height 270mm

    Net weight: 4.2kg

    Height: 27cm

    Length: 29cm

    Width: 23cm

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